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Before Operation
This nail is growing into the tissues as clearly seen
Operation Complete
The side of the ingrown nail is cut out and the growing part is removed and stitched
Healed Toe
You can see small scars in the bottom but otherwise the nail looks normal
Infected ingrown toe nail before the operation

Infected Ingrown Toe Nail

Infected ingrown toe nails are a pain. I see this in the young teens and older age group. This is a very successful procedure in my hands. I do a nail matrix excision which gives you the quickest recovery time. I do not burn these with phenol which will take ages to heal and not very successful.

Tourniquet applied before the operation. Local anaethetic is inserted to the base of the nail before the tourniquet is applied,

Infected ingrown toe nail

After Operation

Routine wedge resection of the nail is undertaken. The nail matrix on that side is taken out as well. The wound cleaned and stitched.

Toe Bandaged

Operation complete. Tourniquet is removed. A firm pressure bandage is applied to stop bleeding. You will need some pain killers and antibiotics for a week. You need to keep the dressing dry. Dressing will be removed in 10 -14 days and the stitches are removed.


This is the result of toe nail opeation performed on a young man on both sides of the nail. He is very happy with the result and symptom free.

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