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Can Children Get Melanomas?

Children can get melanomas but fortunately it is rare. They do not present with normal features of melanomas in adults. Additional ABCD detection criteria (Amelanotic;

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New Images Added

I have added new images to Skin Cancer Surgery page. Please check it out. I hope to add more images to all pages in the

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Melanoma Stages

The extent of melanoma spread and risk of it poses is the staging. There are 4 stages of melanoma.  Stage 0 Also called melanoma in

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Can Melanomas Be Flat

Can Melanomas Be Flat? Melanomas can be of any shape and size, dark or light coloured. The majority of them are flat and dark in

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Nodular Melanoma

Nodular Melanoma Nodular melanoma is an agressive form of melanoma skin cancer.  As melanoma survival rate depends on how deep the melanoma is from the

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