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Melanoma Stages

The extent of melanoma spread and risk of it poses is the staging. There are 4 stages of melanoma.

Stage 0

Also called melanoma in situ. The melanoma is present in the top layer of the skin (epidermis). This has not spread to the deep layer of the skin ( dermis).
Treatment – mole removal
Survival – 100% (full cure)

Stage I

Stage IA– 2 mm, no ulceration, distant spread(metastases) or spread to lymph nodes
StageIB – Up to 1 mm with ulceration but no distant or lymph node spread
Treatment – mole removal – if more than 1 mm testing the lymph nodes is a possibility ( sentinel node biopsy)
Survival – 5 yr 97%(1A), 92%(1B), 10yr(95%, 86%)

Stage II

Thick and ulcerated, no lymph gland spread or distant spread ( metastases)
Treatment – Mole removal, lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiation are possibilities
Survival – 5 yr 81%(2A), 70%(2B), 10yr(67%, 57%)

Stage III

Any thickness, lymph node spread has occurred
Treatment – Lymph nodes removed, chemotherapy and radiation considered.
Survival – 5 yr 40-78%, 10yr 24-68%


Any thickness, lymph node spread, distant organ spread e.g. lungs, liver, brain and bone.
Treatment – immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Surgery and radiation to relieve symptoms considered.
Survival – 5 yr 15-20%, 10yr 10-15%
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