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Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen is also called Liquid Ice, Cryotherapy, Freezing Treatment for skin cancer. It is freezing ice, sprayed on to a mole being treated. It burns the spot. The skin can blister and becomes a sore. This heals by producing a white scar.

Early basal cell cancers, early squamous cell cancers, and hard Actinic Keratosis ( sun spots) can be effectively treated by this method. Warts can also be treated with this method.


Spot ( Actinic Keratosis) on the top scar line of flap I did a few years ago. This was not a recurrence of the cancer but a small unrelated sunspot.

Just After

Just after application of Liquid Ice. It has frozen the mole. This will go red in a few minutes and then possibly blister and healed in about 2 weeks. Sometimes it leaves a light coloured scar.

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